Planet Water
Planet Water
Artist's rendition of planet Water.
Vital statistics
Type Oceanic
Size Large
Resources Water

Planet Water was a world inhabiting the same star system as planet Tek, and was unsuccessfully converted for use as a desperate weapon against the Beast Planet.


The planet Water shared a star system with planet Tek, and possibly held an orbit on the opposite side of the planet's star. It was a large oceanic world, and likely teeming with aquatic species.

When the Beast Planet arrived, planet Water was the first world that it attacked, and in desperation the world's inhabitants converted their planet into a massive weapon, similar to a Battle Moon. However, the weapon ultimately proved ineffective in stopping the advancing Beast Planet, and the world was destroyed shortly afterwards.

It is the first known world to be destroyed by the Beast Planet, however it is unlikely that it was indeed the first, and is more likely simply the first planet shown to be destroyed during the series.


Dominant SpeciesEdit

Planet Water is known to have possessed a sentient species, technologically advanced enough to convert their entire world into a vast weapons array, possibly in a short period of time (though it is unknown how much warning of the Beast Planet's impending arrival they had).

No details of the planet's inhabitants are revealed, however in the War Planets toy line they resembled a kind of humanoid fish species, which would be suitable for a race that evolved on an entirely oceanic planet. It is unknown what kind of relation they shared with planet Tek, however given their advanced levels of technology, and the sophisticated assault craft of planet Tek, then it is possible they had fought wars in the past, or had sufficiently long forewarning of the Beast as to develop weapons systems.

Native SpeciesEdit

Other than the sentient inhabitants of the world, nothing is known of any other native species. Again, in the War Planets toy line a number of aquatic species are shown, such as a large jellyfish-like species.


Planet Water's surface converted into a weapon

Lord Mantel views a recording of planet Water's surface, converted into a weapon.

The only certain appearance of planet Water occurs during Episode 1.9 "Rock and Ruin" when Princess Tekla asks Voxx to display a recording of planet Water's attempt to fight the Beast Planet and its subsequent, inevitable destruction to Lord Mantel, in an effort to deter him from his goals of attacking the Beast Planet.


  • Though planet Water was destroyed before planet Tek, planet Tek appears to be in extremely close proximity to the system's sun as the Beast Planet emerges in Episode 1.1 "Behold the Beast".
    • From this it can be assumed that planet Water occupied an orbit on the other side of the sun, allowing the Beast Planet to destroy it before re-emerging from the sun to attack planet Tek.

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