Season 2, Episode 7
The Alliances fight Beast Forces around planet Jungle
The Alliance engage Beast Forces around planet Jungle.
Air date 12th May 1999
Written by Art Holcomb
Directed by Raul Inglis
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Girls Night Out
Embers of the Past

The Alliance come across a new world, the planet Jungle, a world completely covered by plant-life. In a desperate plan to destroy the Beast Planet the allied worlds work to turn this world into a weapon.


The Alliance finds a new world, the Jungle Planet, which is seemingly devoid of sentient life and directly in the Beast Planet's path. Since it's doomed anyway, Femur suggests using it as a booby-trap, stuffing its World Engine with enough explosives to hopefully take the Beast off solid food for good. The Alliance leaders reluctantly agree with Femur, and set off to the new planet to lay the trap.
On the Jungle Planet, Tekla and Voxx search for the planet's Telepod, while Jade leads a team of Quarriors to drill their way to the World Engine in case they don't find it in time. The planet's plants capture Femur and attack the others when they harm some of the other plants. Zuma uses her telepathy to discover the planet is alive, and that all of Jungle's plants share a hive mind. Tekla finds the telepod, only to find the World Engine ruined from overgrowth.
Through Zuma, the plant consciousness communicates with the Alliance. They explain there is no hope of saving its world, so the Jungle plants agree to their plan. After Femur fills the World Engine with explosives, the planet gives him a single plant so their hive mind many live on, then the Alliance leaves. As soon as the Beast starts devouring the world, the planet explodes in its maw, but to no effect. While tending the plant like a babe, Femur encourages his disappointed comrades not to despair, for as long as there is still life, there is still hope.

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