This is the Way the World Ends…
Season 2, Episode 2
The Alliance fights to halt the Beast Planet's advance on Fire.png
The Alliance fights to halt the Beast Planet's advance on planet Fire.
Air date 7th April 1999
Written by Marv Wolfman
Directed by Steve Ball
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As the Beast Planet draws ever closer to planet Fire, Graveheart and Tekla must hurry to find and repair the planet's World Engine before it is too late.

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Plot[edit | edit source]

As the Beast Planet draws near, the Alliance spreads the word about the World Engines. The Cluster Planets find and secure the World Engine core controls of each of their worlds... except Planet Fire. The Beast Drones got to Fire's engine first, and severely damaged it. The green Battle Moon attempts to defend the planet from the Beast, but it and its pilot are destroyed by another of the Beast Planet's Null Energy blasts.
On Planet Fire, Graveheart tells Pyrus to lead his people to safety while he and Tekla repair the World Engine themselves. Outside, Graveheart observes that the Beast Planet's proximity is causing Fire to be ripped apart by its gravitational field. The effect topples a statue that nearly crushes Prince Pyrus, but Graveheart protects him with his own body, taking the brunt of the debris for him. This selfless act finally convinces the Vizier that Graveheart truly cares for the Prince.
While Tekla has Voxx repair Fire's World Engine, Pyrus instructs all of his people to evacuate Planet Fire and relocate to the Battle Moons. Despite Captain Blaze's protests, Pyrus insists on staying there until all his people are safe.
Voxx finishes repairing the engine enough to get it back online, but the systems are too damaged to support anything more than minimum thrust, which is not enough to outrun the Beast in time. With the people of Fire evacuated, Tekla, Graveheart, Pyrus, and Captain Blaze all travel a safe distance away, leaving no one left on the planet... except the Grand Vizier.
Disobeying Pyrus's orders to flee, the Vizier opts to die with their world, telling Pyrus that he has nothing left to teach him, and that he's chosen his friends well. In a final act of defiance, the Vizier uses Planet Fire's World Engine to ram it into the Beast Planet's grasping claw. But this does not harm the Beast Planet, and it consumes Planet Fire. Pyrus mourns the loss of his world, and his friend, telling the Vizier he died gloriously, and the universe will never know his like again.

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