The Long Road Home
Season 2, Episode 12
Blokk subjugates planet Rock
Blokk subjugates planet Rock.
Air date 16th June 1999
Written by Marv Wolfman
Directed by Anthony Atkins
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Death of a King

The population of planet Rock is subjugated by Blokk and the Beast Forces, while the battle for the Prison Planet reaches a critical stage.


Blokk imprisons Pyrus, Zera, and Tekla while his Beast Drones subjugate the remaining people of Rock, opting not to kill them himself because being devoured by the Beast Planet will prolong their suffering. Zera and Pyrus agitate him so much that he tries to kill them anyway, but in doing so, he accidentally shorts out the force-field imprisoning them instead. This knocks him out cold and allows the Alliance leaders to escape. They fend off Beast Drones while they flee to Rock's telepod, but by the time they get there, the Beast Planet closes in overhead.
Meanwhile, Jewelia narrowly captures Jade after a heated catfight to lure Sternum into a trap. After he and Graveheart finish their own battle and meet up with Cryos and Femur, they save Jade and defeat her. Jade and Graveheart finally kiss when they reunite. With help from Zuma and her people's telepathic call, Cryos gets the coordinates with which Sternum can teleport the Prison Planet back to the Planet Cluster. The Prison Planet is transported in front of the Beast Planet's claw as it's about to consume Rock. Sternum has Cryos and Femur use the Prison Planet's telepod to transport them all, and Jewelia, back to the telepod on Rock, where they reunite with their friends.
As the Beast Planet's claw grasps the Prison Planet, Sternum uses his wrist control unit to remotely activate the Prison Planet's Teleport Engines to send it far away. As the Prison Planet is in physical contact with the Beast Planet's grasping claw, it extends its teleport field around the Beast and takes it with it. While Sternum punches out Jewelia and laments the loss of his home, the Alliance drives the remaining Beast Drones away, leaving Blokk the only force of the Beast left on Rock...

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