Princess Tekla
Princess Tekla in her Vari-Tek Fighter
Tekla escapes in her Vari-Tek Fighter.
Vital statistics
Title Princess of Planet Tek
Gender Female
Race Tek
Relatives Tek King (father, deceased)
First Appearance Behold the Beast
Voiced by Donna Yamamoto
Quote1 Promise me, man of stone; Complete my mission. Warn the worlds of this system... Stop the Beast Planet! You have a warrior's strength and a leader's heart. Bring your worlds together. Combine their forces. Lead them against the Beast. Your heart will show you the way... Quote2

Princess Tekla is one of the main characters in the series, voiced by Donna Yamamoto.


Tekla is the daughter of the Tek King and princess of Tek. Before the series beginning, she, her father and their people lived on their planet peacefully. Her best friend, comrade and companion was a small flying droid named Voxx. However, then the Beast attacked.

Destruction of Planet TekEdit

After months of fighting, Tek finally fell and it became clear that their world is doomed. The Tek King sent Tekla and Voxx with an escort to save them and follow the Beast to the next targeted star system, Cluster, to warn and, hopefully, save them. Tekla embraced her father for the last time and bid him farewell before she and Voxx flew from Tek in their Vari-Tek Fighter. Almost immediately they and their escorts were attacked by Beast Drones. She managed to fight them off but her men perished. Tekla then watched as the Beast Planet devoured her world and she and Voxx became the only known survivors of Tek. They then followed the Beast forces to the Cluster where she set course for the nearest life-sustaining world, Planet Ice.

Warning Planet IceEdit

However, on her way there, Tekla was attacked and hit by Beast Drones. She crash-landed on Ice's surface, where she was saved by a stone man, calling himself Graveheart. She told him run for his life. They joined what appeared to be an ensuing battle between more stone men and large ice insectoids. The Beast Drones killed all except her, Graveheart and King Cryos. The three of them fled to a nearby trench where she explained herself and her attackers. Graveheart armed them and himself with Sonic Cannons and they destroyed the Drones. However, one stray Drone attacked them and managed to wound her and Graveheart. She asks Graveheart to continue her mission and warn the other worlds about the Beast. She then passes out and goes offline. The people of Ice then took Tekla and Graveheart to their base and placed them in a stasis chambers and used Nanites to heal them. However, Tekla remained offline while Graveheart and Cryos continued her mission.


  1. Behold, the Beast
  2. On the Rocks (flashback)
  3. Bad to the Bone
  4. Wolf in the Fold
  5. Mind War
  6. J'Accuse
  7. Blood is Thicker…
  8. Rock and Ruin
  9. Uneasy Hangs the Head
  10. Ragnarok (Part 1)
  11. Ragnarok (Part 2)
  12. Worlds within Worlds
  13. This is the Way the World Ends…
  14. Girls Night Out
  15. Timebomb
  16. Embers of the Past
  17. Divided We Stand
  18. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
  19. Death of a King
  20. The Long Road Home
  21. Ascension

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