The Tek King is a minor character in the series.

Tek King
Tek King closeup
The King of planet Tek.
Vital statistics
Title King of planet Tek
Gender Male
Race Tek
Relatives Tekla (daughter)
First Appearance Behold the Beast
Death Behold the Beast


The Tek King was Tek's king and ruler and Tekla's father. When Beast attacked, he apparently directed his people in the fight against the menace. However, when it became clear that they will not t win and that their planet is doomed, he sent Tekla and Voxx away with an escort in a desperate bid to save her and warn other worlds. He supposedly died with all of the other Tek's inhabitants when Beast Planet destroyed it.


  1. Behold, the Beast (death)
  2. Mind War


  • He does not speak during the series.


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