Planet Tek
Vital statistics
Type Technological
Size Medium
Resources Technology

Tek is the first planet seen in the series and Tekla's homeworld. Little is known about it as it was destroyed by the Beast in the first episode. It was an advanced technological civilization of robots and androids inhabited by mechanical beings and ruled by the Tek King and his daughter, Princess Tekla. It was attacked by the Beast prior to the start of the series.


After months of fighting, Tek finally fell to the Beast and it became clear that the planet was doomed. The Tek King sent Tekla and Voxx with an escort to save them and follow the Beast to the next star system it targeted, the Cluster, to warn and, hopefully, save them. Tekla embraced her father for the last time and bid him farewell. She, Voxx and their four escorts managed to escaped Tek in Vari-Tek Fighters and followed the Beast fleet that was on its way to the Cluster. However, they were attacked and followed by Beast Drones. Tekla managed to fight them off but her escorts were killed. She then watched as the Beast Planet destroyed Tek. Tekla and Voxx became the only known survivors of Tek. They then followed the Beast forces to the Cluster where they set course for the nearest life-sustaining world, Planet Ice. They crash-landed on the Planet Ice and met Graveheart and Cryos, and together they defeated the Beast Drones that followed them from Tek and went on to form an Alliance against the Beast.


Dominant SpeciesEdit

Androids and other sentient robots.

Native SpeciesEdit

Unknown. Presumably other mechanical beings, like Voxx.


  1. Behold, the Beast
  2. Mind War (flashback)
  3. Rock and Ruin (mentioned)
  4. Uneasy Hangs the Head (mentioned, flashback)

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