Slate, Bartender of the Moon Over Mayhem.
Vital statistics
Title Bartender
Gender Male
Race Rock
First Appearance Girls Night Out
Voiced by Garry Chalk
Quote1 Uh, one mineral water, on the house, aha! Just leave the house standin' huh, please? Quote2


Slate is the bartender of the Moon Over Mayhem, the most vicious tavern in all the Alliance, located in the grey Battle Moon. He has a hook in place of his left hand, which he uses to uncork bottles. When Jade visits the Moon Over Mayhem, she often gets into bar fights that leave Slate's establishment in shambles, so he constantly has to repair the place. Consequently, her presence there gives him just cause for alarm. For added precaution against such destruction, he's instructed his bouncer to institute a new policy: all guests must leave their weapons at the door.


When Jade returned to the Moon Over Mayhem with Zera, Zuma, Tekla, and Pelvus, Slate gave her a free mineral water in the hopes of persuading her not to wreck the place again. Shortly afterward, Slate's bouncer, a Quarrior who was voiced by Richard Newman, was murdered by Lamprey's Beast Drones while attempting to deny Graveheart entrance to the bar. A fight broke out between Jade's group, several Fire warriors they had angered, and Lamprey and her drones, wrecking the bar once again. Fortunately, all the destruction caused the bar's pool table to fall on Lamprey, killing her. Slate survived the battle, and was last seen manning his post at the bar, laughing with Graveheart and the ladies.