Season 2, Episode 5
The Alliance discovers planet Sand
As they flee, the Alliance discovers planet Sand.
Air date 28th April 1999
Written by E. Bull, W. Shetterly
Directed by Craig McEwen
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Blaze of Glory
Girls Night Out

After leaving their own solar system behind for good, the Alliance stumbles upon a new planet Sand, and investigates the possibility of welcoming a new ally.


On their journey away from the Beast Planet, The Alliance finds a new world, Planet Sand. Graveheart, Jade, Cryos, and Zera travel there on a Bladewing to warn its inhabitants of the threat of the Beast and activate its World Engine before the Beast Planet consumes it. Zera goes with Cryos to learn about diplomacy, and he stresses upon her the importance of not jumping to conclusions. They meet two new species on Planet Sand: the Sand People and the Sun People.
The Sun People, led by Ramset, are small, proud humanoids in mechanical exo-suits, while the Sand People are large, hairy, mute beasts of burden the Sand People use as their labor force. Zera attempts to talk to one of the Sand People, Zuma, but Ramset insists she's just wasting her time trying; they do not speak. Ramset takes them to his ancient Egyptian-style city, where they try to warn him about the Beast Planet. Ramset doesn't believe in other worlds, and assumes the Alliance members themselves just came there from another part of Planet Sand.
Ramset's preconceived notions are shattered when a large group of Beast Drones led by Blokk attack Planet Sand, forcing Jade, Graveheart, and Cryos to help defend the Sun People. Zera continues trying to communicate with Zuma, and is eventually successful. Zuma reveals she and her people are secretly a network of telepaths, who only reveal themselves now because of the great danger facing their world. They lead Zera to an underground chamber, and protect her from Beast Drones so she can travel across a telepathic bridge they made to get to the World Engine controls. With them and Graveheart fending off the drones, Zera is able to activate the Engine.
The World Engine blows Blokk's ships away, forcing him to retreat, and propels Sand away from the Beast Planet before it can be consumed. Graveheart welcomes Zuma and the Sand People to the Alliance. Ramset asks, "What about the Sun People?" Graveheart jokingly replies, "Well... since you share this planet, I suppose you can come along too." The episode ends with Cryos congratulating Zera for not jumping to quick conclusions and seeing what the rest of them refused to, which saved their lives.

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