Rock and Ruin
Season 1, Episode 9
A Battle Moon viewed from planet Rock
A Battle Moon orbits in the night sky of planet Rock.
Air date 11th November 1998
Written by Christy Marx
Directed by George Roman Samilski
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Blood is Thicker…
Against all Odds

Once again attempting to convince Lord Mantel of the threat faced by his world, and the benefits of joining the alliance, events turn ugly when Emperor Femur's plan to "persuade" Lord Mantel leaves planet Rock defenseless…

Appearing in "Rock and Ruin"


The Alliance leaders have gathered to Rock to ask Lord Mantel to join them, except Graveheart, who is still exiled and had to wait in the ship. Tekla shows Mantel footage of the Beast Planet's battle with Tek's sister planet, Water. Its inhabitants turned the planet into a giant weapon and fired it on the Beast, but it did it no harm, and the Beast consumed Water and then Tek. Tekla presented this footage to Mantel to illustrate the futility of any one planet standing against the Beast alone. Mantel, arrogantly convinced of the military superiority of Rock and its Battle Moons, still refuses to join the Alliance, believing he can handle the Beast on his own.
Tekla insists the Alliance needs Rock's Battle Moons to fight the Beast, and Femur has an idea on how to get them, with Tekla's help. By creating a distraction at the Battle Moon control room, he allows Tekla and Voxx to secretly hijack the Battle Moons, and insists he has only noble intentions at heart for orchestrating the theft. But as soon as he has control of the moons, he knocks Tekla out, sends her back to the rest of the Alliance, and steers the moons back to his planet so that Bone can have their protection. Blokk takes note of Rock's defenselessness, and launches a Beast Drone attack on the planet.
Tekla explains the situation to Graveheart, and regrets how naive she was in trusting Femur. Graveheart flies a ship to the Battle Moons, takes control of them away from Femur, and fires their powerful energy cannons on Blokk and his drones' ships, forcing them to retreat. Then Graveheart returns the Battle Moons to Mantel, and Tekla apologizes for her part in taking them. The Lord is furious, and is most certainly not going to join the Alliance now. He demands the Alliance leave his planet, and they are left wondering how they'll survive the Beast Planet without Rock.

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