Ragnarok (Part 2)
Season 1, Episode 13
The battle-station within Remora
The fearsome battle-station hidden within Remora quickly devastates the allied forces.
Air date 9th December 1998
Written by Len Wein
Directed by James Boshier
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Ragnarok (Part 1)
Worlds within Worlds

The second part of Ragnarok. The alliance regroups as the powerful battle-station hidden within Remora proves too great an enemy.


The episode begins as the previous one ends: Remora's Null Cannons depleted the Aurora's shields down to 25%. One more well-placed shot could destroy it, and Cryos and Graveheart with it, and Blokk fires at them again. Cryos orders his troops to evade the attack by going hard to starboard, and they survive with minimal casualties, but their ship suffered extensive damage. Agreeing that retreat was never an option, they opt to repair the Aurora and regroup the scattered Alliance fleet to exploit a small weakness they've found on the planet's surface. Meanwhile, Pyrus is right in the middle of the battle, though his men are taking heavy losses. The Vizier implores him to abandon the Alliance and return home, implying Graveheart's demise, but Pyrus hangs up on him and continues fighting.
Pyrus takes another call, which he assumes is the "Viz" again, but is instead relieved to hear that Graveheart is still alive. Graveheart informs Pyrus of the weakness, and suggests he regroup to the Aurora so they can launch a full-scale assault on it together, but Pyrus recklessly pushes forward and attacks the planet by himself. With Pyrus taking the fight to the heart of Remora, Graveheart goes after him, and Cryos readies his personal Bladewing for his use. In a space battle not unlike the Death Star assault scene in Star Wars, Pyrus destroys many Beast Drone ships on Remora's surface, but as several more prepare to close in on him, Graveheart blows them away and escorts him back to the fleet. The Alliance presses forward with their close-range assault on Remora.
Blokk nearly fires one of his Null Cannons at Remora, but it is itself destroyed by an energy weapon, fired from one of the Battle Moons. Jade takes credit for the last-minute save, announcing the Battle Moons have been committed to the Alliance by Lord Mantel's decree. Graveheart wonders what she had to do to get him to help them, but she says nothing and looks away worriedly. After the Battle Moons destroy all of Remora's Null Cannons, Voyd teleports Blokk and Lamprey to safety. Finally, Graveheart has Jade fire all five of the moons at Remora's weak spot, destroying it.
But our heroes don't get much time to celebrate their victory, because a few moments later, Voxx and the Alliance pick up a massive solar anomaly, which Tekla finds all too familiar. The episode, and the season, ends on a cliffhanger as the Beast Planet emerges from the heart of the Cluster's sun and destroys the red Battle Moon just to show it can.

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