Ragnarok (Part 1)
Season 1, Episode 12
Forces of Ice, Fire and Bone bear down on Ramora
The combined forces of planets Ice, Fire and Bone bear down on the dead world, Remora.
Air date 2nd December 1998
Written by Steven Cuden
Directed by James E. Taylor
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Uneasy Hangs the Head
Ragnarok (Part 2)

The first part of Ragnarok. The alliance begins its assault on the dead world, Remora, stronghold of the Beast Forces.


The episode begins at the start of the Alliance fleet's battle with Planet Remora, and the Alliance is winning. Blokk is worried the Alliance's attack started before they were ready, so Lamprey suggests he get ready, and stop his constant chittering. As Femur takes sole credit for driving back Lamprey's "ghosts" and "beasties" with his "unbeatable Bone Armada", Cryos and Pyrus debate his hogging of all the credit, insisting Graveheart "did a great deal more than just 'flap his gums'".
The next scene, in the form of a flashback which chronologically occurs before the start of the episode, begins where the previous episode ended: Graveheart stands with his Alliance allies on Planet Ice, addressing an army of Ice, Fire, and Bone Warriors as they prepare to go to war with Remora. He successfully calls them to arms in perhaps his greatest speech of all:

Quote1 My friends, today is a day that will live in our mutual histories as one where we all stood together to do what was right. We are a force forged of necessity, no longer separated by our differences, but joined by our common goal: Survival. The Beast Planet must not win! We cannot allow it to destroy our freedom, our hope, our very lives. We few, we band of brothers, are all that now stand between life and obliteration. I, for one, choose life. What say the rest of you? Quote2

As the assembled armies cheer in agreement, Graveheart announces that before they begin, a grave error must be corrected. Commander Medstar tells Cryos the throne of Ice is once again his, and Cryos is visibly moved. Graveheart tells him to get to work; they have a war to win, so Cryos embraces both his daughter and his renewed royalty. As the Ice Warriors cheer for their king, a tear runs down his eye, and Graveheart smiles as the flashback ends.
The Alliance fleet still has the Beast Drones on the ropes, and move in close to the planet. Meanwhile, Tekla searches the caverns of Planet Ice for the secret she glimpsed from Lamprey's mind. Then, suddenly, Blokk releases a new army of Beast Drone ships from within the planet. Femur requests assistance, but everyone else has their hands full.
Then, Blokk releases the outer shell of planet Remora, hitting many Alliance ships in the process, to reveal a fully operational battle station, complete with several Null Matter energy cannons. The Clavicle is damaged and nearly destroyed by a Null Energy blast, but Femur and Pelvus remain unharmed. Femur orders a full retreat back to Bone at full speed, abandoning the Alliance. Femur attempts to contact Lamprey in the vain hope of making a deal with her to spare Bone from the Beast.
Another Null Energy blast targets the Aurora, with Graveheart and Cryos still on board. It wipes out many of their nearby Bladewings, and though the Aurora itself survives, Cryos notes the blast depleted their shields, so one more well-placed shot would finish them. The episode ends with Blokk laughing as one of Remora's Null Cannons prepares to fire again...

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