Period of Adjustment
Season 2, Episode 3
Planet Bone becomes the Beast Planet's next target
With Planet Fire destroyed, Planet Bone becomes the Beast Planet's next target.
Air date 14th April 1999
Written by Ken Pontac
Directed by J. Falconer
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This is the Way the World Ends…
Blaze of Glory

In the wake of the shocking destruction of Planet Fire, and the unstoppable power of the Beast Planet, Planet Bone seeks re-entry into the Alliance.


As Pelvus's attempts on his life intensify, Femur comes to realize that fleeing the assault on Remora was a big mistake. The Bone Warriors feel Femur has dishonored them by making them run from battle, and to quell Pelvus and his people, Femur needs to rejoin the Alliance. He first attempts to ingratiate himself with Lord Mantel on Planet Rock, which proves a predictable failure.
Meanwhile, as Pyrus and Graveheart mourn and salute the Vizier, the Alliance runs into a serious problem: they're out of food. They used to get their meals from the edible lichen found only on Planet Bone, but Bone stopped providing it to them when it pulled out of the Alliance. Without it, their current rations have been so depleted that they'll all be starving within the week. Jade suggests raiding Bone for food, but Graveheart insists that those days are behind them, and holds out hope that Femur can be redeemed. They try supplementing the lichen with other "foods" to stretch their dwindling supplies, but they prove too exotic for consumption.
Femur goes to Planet Ice to appeal to Jade, Graveheart, and Cryos, but his lackluster attempts to make amends only anger them in the face of all his prior treachery. Femur then goes to the Battle Moons to apologize to Pyrus, who forgives him, and mentions their food shortage problem. So Femur flies over the capital city of Ice and sends food packages down to it in parachutes, figuring the Alliance will have to take him back "when it starts rainin' grub on 'em" thanks to him. But the packages freeze in Ice's atmosphere, turning into a barrage of frozen lichen that makes a mess of the city and damages several Ice Tanks. The Alliance leaders are covered in green goo, but their food problem is solved. So they agree to let Femur back into the Alliance... once they've covered him in lichen as well.

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