Adjutant of Emperor Femur
Vital statistics
Title Emperor's Adjutant
Gender Male
Race Bone
First Appearance Bad to the Bone
Voiced by Scott McNeil
Quote1 Kneel and bow, lesser beings, before the awesome power that awaits you! Tremble before the savage might that conquered a thousand planets. Prostrate yourselves before him, who's name may spoken only in whispers. Behold the infinite terror that is Femur: Emperor of Bone! Yay... Quote2


Pelvus is the effeminate male adjutant to Emperor Femur, but in true Bone tradition is constantly scheming his superior's downfall in the hopes of seizing power for himself.


Pelvus formerly served Emperor Sternum, until Femur convinced him to serve the Emperor a poisoned drink that allowed Femur to snag the throne. Since then, he's rarely left Femur's side, constantly brown-nosing Femur and scheming to kill him to take his place.
Pelvus is an even bigger coward than Femur, but when Femur ordered his troops to abandon the Alliance during their battle with Remora to save themselves, the people of Bone felt that Femur dishonored them. This made the Bone Warriors more willing to support Pelvus in his attempts on Femur's life, which increased in number and intensity until the Emperor finally rejoined the Alliance to quell them.
When Femur left to visit the Prison Planet, and it teleported away, Pelvus declared himself Emperor of Bone and announced his support of Lord Mantel's bid to take control of the Alliance. When Femur returned, so did Sternum. He asked Pelvus for cannolis, and the strengths and weaknesses of the Alliance. Femur convinced Pelvus to go with him to see Sternum, unarmed, and the three apparently reconciled.


  1. Bad to the Bone
  2. Wolf in the Fold
  3. Mind War
  4. Rock and Ruin
  5. Uneasy Hangs the Head (flashback, mentioned)
  6. Ragnarok (Part 1)
  7. Worlds within Worlds
  8. Period of Adjustment
  9. Blaze of Glory
  10. Girls Night Out
  11. Divided We Stand
  12. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
  13. Death of a King (Flashback)
  14. Ascension

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