Mind War
Season 1, Episode 6
Tekla fights Lamprey for control of her own body
Princess Tekla fights Lamprey for control of her own body.
Air date 21st October 1998
Written by Ken Pontac
Directed by Owen M. Hurley
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Wolf in the Fold

Mistakenly believing that the allied troops were firing on him, Emperor Femur flees with the possessed Princess Tekla on board his ship. Lamprey, trapped within Tekla's body, fights for control, while attempting to turn Femur against his allies.

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Lamprey, in Tekla's body, reveals herself to Femur on the bridge of the Clavicle. She claims the Alliance turned on them both, and seduces him into firing at their ship and denying their attempts to communicate. Thus, as Graveheart, Cryos, Jade, and Pyrus chase after them on their own ship, their attempts to warn Femur fail, and they are fired upon by the Clavicle. Meanwhile, Lamprey struggles to maintain control of Tekla as her mind has resurfaced, having been the cause of Lamprey's earlier inability to escape her body.
Tekla undergoes a mental battle with Lamprey for control of her body, causing Tekla's body to behave increasingly erratically on the Clavicle. At first, Femur finds it to be endearing roughness, but eventually concludes the dame has gone nuts. Tekla manages to extract vital knowledge regarding the Beast Planet from Lamprey's mind, but cannot use the information, as she's resolved not to let Lamprey escape, even if it means the end of them both.
Eventually, the Alliance's ship has to drill into the Clavicle in order to board it, and Graveheart reveals Lamprey's deception. She holds Femur at gunpoint in an attempt to keep them at bay, but Tekla prevents her from pulling the trigger, and the guards capture her. Femur is incensed over being suckered by Lamprey twice, but admits "I think I'm in love!" They hook Tekla up to the Clavicle's auto-doc, which Pyrus notes has more toxins and anti-toxins than any other he's ever seen before. Femur attributes this to one never knowing what might find its way into your food there, glaring at Pelvus accusingly.
Lamprey taunts Tekla over her father, claiming she left him to die, and starts to overpower the princess. Jade recommends poisoning her to end her suffering, and Lamprey. But Graveheart stops her, and encourages Tekla to fight to survive, insisting she has their full support. Tekla is inspired by his words, and summons mental versions of her allies both living and deceased, which allow her to overpower and eject Lamprey from her body into space. Tekla wakes up, and tells the Alliance she could not have beaten Lamprey without their support. But Jade reminds them that Lamprey's still out there; she only beat her in her mind...

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