Mica, brother of Graveheart.
Vital statistics
Title Quarrior
Gender Male
Race Rock
Relatives Graveheart (brother)
First Appearance Uneasy Hangs the Head
Death Uneasy Hangs the Head
  • Killed during an energy raid on planet Fire
Voiced by Michael Dobson
Quote1 Pfff... Quote2


Mica was a young Quarrior on his first mission alongside his older brother Graveheart, also a Quarrior at the time.


Early YearsEdit

Mica's father was a Miner, as was his father before him, and his before him. Mica was to become a Miner as well, however he instead enlisted in the military and eventually became a Quarrior, as did his older brother, Graveheart.


When Mica, Graveheart and Jade were sent to stand guard on a raiding mission to Planet Fire, Graveheart promised his little brother that he would protect him. The raid was discovered by Fire's troops and a battle ensued. One particular ship fired upon, and destroyed, Gravehearts ship. The explosion knocked Jade unconscious and hurdled Mica over the edge of the nearby cliff. After Graveheart regained his composure he raced to the edge to find his brother hanging for his life. Graveheart reached for his brother but Mica's hand slipped, causing him to fall to his death.[1]


See AlsoEdit


  1. Uneasy Hangs the Head
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