Commander Medstar
Commander Medstar
Commander Medstar of planet Ice.
Vital statistics
Title Ice Locusts commander.
Gender Male
Race Ice Locust
First Appearance Wolf in the Fold
Voiced by Garry Chalk
Quote1 My Lord, we have come so far. But it is you who must lead us the rest of the way. Your Highness, the throne is once again yours... If you'll have it. Quote2

Commander Medstar is the character in the series, voiced by Garry Chalk.


Commander Medstar is the highest ranking Ice Locust on Ice besides its royal family, and also their advisor and second-in-command. When Cryos abdicated his throne for putting his daughter's safety before his people's, he put Medstar in charge of the planet. Medstar's last act as Ice's leader before the battle against Remora was returning leadership of Ice back to Cryos, making him a king again.


  1. Wolf in the Fold
  2. Blood is Thicker…
  3. Uneasy Hangs the Head
  4. Ragnarok (Part 1)
  5. Worlds within Worlds

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