Jewelia at her base
Jewelia at her base on the Prison Planet.
Vital statistics
Title Ruler of a faction on the Prison Planet
Gender Female
Race Unknown
First Appearance Divided We Stand
Voiced by Janyse Jaud
Quote1 Look at my men; They're willing to die for me! Isn't it wonderful? Quote2

Jewelia is an antagonist of the Final Conflict arc, voiced by Janyse Jaud.


Jewelia is a devious crystalline alien woman of an unknown race, apparently not from the Cluster, though based on her appearance, she might be semi-related to the Rock people. She claims to have crash-landed on the shard of Prison Planet, and became one of the leaders of the two opposing factions of escaped convicts. She led the faction opposing Sternum for control of the shard and lead primarily through fear and intimidation. She was always excited when the soldiers on her side were willing to die for her.
She told Graveheart that Sternum killed Jade, and initially convinced Graveheart to fight for her cause against him. But after a fight with him revealed he did not kill Jade, he eventually switched sides. After Jewelia held Jade prisoner to lure Sternum to her, they fought, but eventually he, Graveheart, and Jade defeated her. When they left the Prison Planet on the telepod, Sternum insisted taking Jewelia with them out of distrust, which inadvertently saved her from being devoured by the Beast Planet.


Jewelia is somewhat similar in appearance to the women of Planet Rock, except she doesn't visibly wear any clothes, and the black and white crystals that compose her body are shaped in a slightly less humanoid fashion. Instead of hair, the crystals on her head form a bulky mass with large, horn-like structures. Her eyes are light blue, and her pupils are shaped like black crosses. She is physically attractive, despite the black spikes that jut out throughout her body.


Jewelia is a violent, dangerous psychopath who takes greater joy in watching her men die for her than in survival. She hates Sternum and those who serve with him and actively tries to kill them whenever she gets the chance. She will even kill her own men if she thinks they didn't rescue her fast enough. She uses lies and seduction to trick men into serving her, and demands total loyalty from her troops. Her men have said they're willing to die for her, and she makes sure they prove it.


  1. Divided We Stand
  2. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
  3. Death of a King
  4. The Long Road Home

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