Quarrior Jade on planet Rock
Jade, Quarrior of planet Rock.
Vital statistics
Title Ivory Quarrior of planet Rock
Gender Female
Race Rock
First Appearance On the Rocks
  • Queen of planet Rock
Voiced by Enuka Okuma
Quote1 You arrogant, flame-headed, fool! We are the only hope your planet has! Quote2


Jade served among Lord Mantel's Ivory Quarriors before defecting to join the struggling Alliance alongside her lifelong friend Graveheart.


Early YearsEdit


When Jade and Graveheart were children, they spent time playing in the many tunnels and caves of Planet Rock. While exploring, they stumbled upon a tunnel that lead directly to the Battle Moon Control Core. The tunnel has since been sealed off.[1]

Mica's DeathEdit

Years later, after enlisting in the army and becoming a Quarrior, Jade, Graveheart and Mica were sent to stand guard on a raiding mission to Planet Fire. The raid was discovered by Fire's troops and a battle ensued. One particular ship fired upon, and destroyed, Gravehearts ship. The explosion knocked Jade unconscious and hurdled Mica over the edge of the nearby cliff. Greaveheart attempted to rescue him but Mica's hand slipped and he fell to his death[2]

Female Ivory Quarrior

Captain Jade.

Captain of the GuardEdit

Sometime after Mica's death, and after Graveheart resigned from the army, Jade was promoted to an Ivory Quarrior and eventually became Lord Mantel's Captain of the Guard.

Joining Graveheart in the AllianceEdit

When Graveheart and King Cryos attempted to recruit Planet Rock into the Alliance they were confronted by a squad of Ivory Quarriors and their Commanding Officer Jade. Jade placed Graveheart under arrest for allying himself with the enemy.

Graveheart pleaded with Jade for her to make Mantel see reason but she, like Mantel, thought Graveheart had gone mad. The planet was then under attack by Beast Drones, causing Jade to believe his story. They armed themselves with Sonic Cannons and, together, headed toward the Battle Moon Control Core where the Drones were currently trying to gain access in hopes of shutting down the planets main line of defense. They entered the Core through the secret entrance they discovered as children and managed to destroy the Drones, but not before the main computer was destroyed. Jade managed to repair the damage enough for Graveheart to take control of the Moons and destroy the Beast Armada that was heading for the planet surface.

After the remaining invaders fled, Graveheart once again sought council with Lord Mantel in hopes that the attack changed his mind about joining the Alliance. Mantel still refused and exiled Graveheart from Planet Rock under penalty of death. When Graveheart and Cryos were about to leave and return to Planet Ice they were joined by Jade, who, despite not believing in the Alliance itself, claimed that she believed in him.[3]



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