Ice Spider
Ice Spider.png
An Ice Spider on its web.
Vital statistics
Title Endangered species of planet Ice.
Race Spider
First Appearance Worlds within Worlds

Ice Spiders are a species native to planet Ice. As their name implies, Ice Spiders are giant ice spiders. Like other species of planet Ice, they are blue, made of ice, blend in with planet's environment and are accustomed to it. They have 11 eyes and an armoured carapace. Naturally, being spiders, they construct icy webs. It is unclear however what they eat and catch in them. They live in the glacial caves beneath the planet's surface that provide them shelter. Though they hiss defensively to deter aggressors, according to Zera, they only look intimidating and in reality are endangered and harmless, and despite their size, are likely unable to cause significant harm. Princess Tekla encounters one of them while exploring the caves. It startles her by hissing at her, but she is stopped from shooting it by the Lady Zera who tells her about the spiders and points out that they are harmless and endangered.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. Worlds within Worlds
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