A typical Ice Locust Warrior.

Ice Locusts are one of the four main races in the series. They are a sentient race native to the Ice planet. As their name implies, they are bipedal humanoid ice locusts. Like other species of planet Ice, they are blue, made of ice, blend in with planet's environment and are accustomed to it. They have six limbs, four arms and two legs, and three fingers. Two of their arms usually remain hidden behind their back. They also have two large black eyes. Oddly, while they have elytras, they seemingly don't have wings and can't fly which may be connected to them being made of ice, but naturally they are capable of big leaps. They are known to tame and domesticate Ice Fleas. They are led by King Cryos, Commander Medstar, Lady Zera, and formerly the late Ice Queen. They were the first race to join the Alliance.

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