Planet Ice
Planet Ice.png
Planet Ice.
Vital statistics
Type Glacial
Size Medium
Resources Ice\water

Planet Ice is one of the main planets in the series and one of the Cluster's planets. It is the 4th planet from the Cluster's star and is the most distant inhabited planet in the Cluster. Long ago it was covered by water, but then it froze and became ice. Due to the distance from the star, it is very cold and harsh and mostly consists of ice. It is the sole source of water in the Cluster. Because of that, the planet was probably most raided. It's inhabited by giant blue icy insects that are made of ice, blend in with planet's environment and are accustomed to it.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Dominant Species[edit | edit source]

Other Species[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. Behold, the Beast
  2. On the Rocks
  3. Born in Fire
  4. Bad to the Bone
  5. Wolf in the Fold
  6. Mind War
  7. Blood is Thicker…
  8. Against all Odds
  9. Uneasy Hangs the Head
  10. Ragnarok (Part 1)
  11. Ragnarok (Part 2)
  12. Worlds within Worlds
  13. This is the Way the World Ends… (mentioned)
  14. Period of Adjustment
  15. Blaze of Glory
  16. Sandstorm
  17. Girls Night Out
  18. Timebomb
  19. Embers of the Past
  20. Divided We Stand
  21. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
  22. Death of a King
  23. The Long Road Home
  24. Ascension

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