Forcefield Generator
Forcefield Generator (Alliance)
The Forcefield Generator protects against Null Matter.
Vital statistics
Type Protection
Effects Personal Forcefield
Source Alliance

The Forcefield Generator was created by Tekla. It creates a force field around the user, acting as personal protection against Null Matter, allowing the user to engage in physical combat with Null Matter beings without disintegrating on contact. A forcefield generator is first seen when Graveheart visits Tekla in a laboratory on Planet Ice after hearing an explosion. She explains that she is adapting Telepod technology to develop a forcefield generator for protecting against Null Matter. The forcefield is later successfully used when Jade, along with Zuma, Zera and Pelvus on their night out, are confronted by Lamprey during a bar room brawl at the Moon Over Mayhem. Jade is able to battle Lamprey without being disintegrated, giving her a fair fight against the Beast Commander, allowing Jade to finally kill her.
Another forcefield generator is seen when Tekla, Pyrus and Zera are called by Lord Mantel. During their flight to Planet Rock, Pyrus handed Tekla a Forcefield Generator just in case. When Blokk overtook Mantel's throne room with his Beast Drones, Tekla gave Mantel the forcefield generator to fight the Beast Commander. During the fight, Blokk is able to kick the forcefield generator itself, revealing it as the weak point in his protection, allowing him to kill Lord Mantel.
Graveheart uses a forcefield generator to fight Blokk inside Planet Rock's World Engine core. Graveheart is able to kill Blokk (who lacks the containment unit of standard drones) when he pushes the forcefield generator into Blokk's body, weakening him and causing him to fall from the dangerously suspended core, disintegrating as he falls.


  1. Girls Night Out
  2. Death of a King
  3. Ascension

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