Emperor Femur
Emperor Femur of Planet Bone.
Vital statistics
Title Emperor of Planet Bone.
Gender Male
Race Bone
Relatives Sternum (brother)
First Appearance Bad to the Bone
Voiced by Garry Chalk
Quote1 Aw, come on, doll! Why're ya doin' this? After all we've been through... If ya wanna shoot someone, shoot Sternum! I'm too good lookin' to die! I wanna live! Quote2


Emperor Femur is the lecherous, treacherous, slimy, and frequently cowardly leader of Planet Bone, who spends much of the series double-dealing and seeking personal advancement. He becomes close friends with Prince Pyrus, who is like a spunky little brother to him. By the end of the series, when he reconciles with his actual brother Sternum, he "turns over a new leaf", becoming less selfish and more forgiving.


Femur's brother, Emperor Sternum, was worried about Femur being second-in-line for the throne of Bone, so he had Femur carted off to be executed. But Femur bribed his guards to spare him and conspired with Pelvus to serve Sternum a poisoned drink. The poison incapacitated him, allowing Femur to take his place as Emperor. Leaving Sternum's fate to a coin flip, Femur decided "in a gesture of great mercy" to send him to the Prison Planet instead of to his death, then replaced Sternum's corrupt regime with his own. Pelvus has been his adjutant, and has made constant unsuccessful attempts to usurp him, ever since.
Femur went on to attend the Great Jubilation, and continued fighting in the resource wars with the rest of the Cluster worlds until representatives of the Alliance and the Beast Planet came to his world asking to join forces. Femur initially sided with Lamprey, but when she double-crossed him, he sided with the Alliance. For the most part, he and his world have been key members of the Alliance ever since.


  1. Bad to the Bone
  2. Wolf in the Fold
  3. Mind War
  4. J'Accuse
  5. Blood is Thicker
  6. Rock and Ruin
  7. Uneasy Hangs the Head
  8. Ragnarok (Part 1)
  9. Worlds within Worlds
  10. This is the Way the World Ends… (mentioned)
  11. Period of Adjustment
  12. Blaze of Glory
  13. Girls Night Out
  14. Timebomb
  15. Embers of the Past
  16. Divided We Stand
  17. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
  18. Death of a King
  19. The Long Road Home
  20. Ascension

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