Divided We Stand
Season 2, Episode 9
The planets continue on hoping they are free of the Beast
The planets continue on, seemingly free of the Beast Forces.
Air date 26th May 1999
Written by Christy Marx
Directed by Owen Hurley
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Embers of the Past
Nor Iron Bars a Cage

The Alliance discovers a signal from a strange planet that has not been heard from for some time, but when Graveheart and Cryos, and Jade and Femur are shot down by the warring inhabitants, they find themselves upon the Prison Planet.


Graveheart has a nightmare about the metaphorical wall Jade's put up around herself lately. He goes to her room to talk about it, but she suggests talking is overrated, and they nearly make out. But they are interrupted by Femur, who wonders about all the commotion. The Emperor eventually leaves, but he's already killed the mood, so Graveheart also leaves, though Jade suggests he knock quietly next time.
Cryos is on the Aurora when his Ice Locusts inform him an unknown planet, or at least a shard of one, has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Since the Alliance's sensors couldn't detect it, perhaps neither could the Beast's, making it of interest to them. Two ships are sent on a scouting mission to investigate each side of the planet: one crewed by Graveheart and Cryos, and the other by Jade and Femur.
Femur starts to recognize the planet, and pleads with Jade to turn back. But she ignores his pleas, and as the four enter the environmental fields around the planet, their ships are gunned down and crash-land onto either side. Each pair is confronted by guards, which they defeat, after which they meet with their leaders. Graveheart and Cryos meet the beautiful Jewelia, while Jade meets the imposing Sternum, who has his men lock Femur up in a holding cell.
The Alliance strandees come to realize that this is the Prison Planet, a world designed to hold the Cluster's most dangerous criminals, and now Sternum and Jewelia lead opposing factions warring for control of the planet. After explaining their situations to the faction leaders, the strandees are told their ships were only shot down because the combatants thought they were enemy incursions. Each leader claimed that the other is a ruthless tyrant who certainly must have killed their friends. Jade and Graveheart still want to go looking for each other anyway, despite repeatedly being told it was a lost cause. At the end of the episode, as Pyrus leaves to search for his missing friends, Sternum activates the Prison Planet's Teleport Engines, sending it, and them, to parts unknown.

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