Emperor Femur's flagship the Clavicle

The Clavicle is the glorious Grand Prize of any emperor (see Femur) that has successfully taken over the Throne of Planet Bone. Constructed in Bone's traditional and unique bio-engineered manner, this massive vessel is aware of its environment and can react to it accordingly. It has been known to flinch when fired upon and even expresses emotions that resemble anger, excitement, and fear. Depending on the threat posed by an adversary, the Clavicle might be disposed to get "angry" and instigate an attack, or panic and quickly flee the area. Remarkably adaptive, the Clavicle can acclimate itself to foreign planetary atmospheres quite easily where it behaves more like a dirigible, expanding itself like an enormous lung to 'breathe in' the surrounding atmosphere. (Taken from The Shadow Raiders RPG Encyclopedia)

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