Blood is Thicker…
Season 1, Episode 8
Lady Zera's ship arrives on auto-pilot with no-one aboard
Lady Zera's ship arrives on auto-pilot with no-one aboard.
Air date 4th November 1998
Written by Marv Wolfman
Directed by Vladimir Stefoff
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Rock and Ruin

When Lady Zera is kidnapped, King Cryos is forced to choose between family and abdicating the throne as ruler of planet Ice.

Appearing in "Blood is Thicker…"


Lady Zera's Bladewing returns to Cryos's palace on Ice with no one aboard it... except a bunch of hidden Beast Drone stowaways, whose containment units secretly drop from Zera's ship. Cryos is wracked with worry over his daughter's whereabouts and safety, and the Alliance agrees to help look for her, until the Beast Drones attack and overwhelm the palace as part of a larger coordinated attack on the planet.
During the Beast Drone attack on Planet Ice, Blokk reveals he has kidnapped Zera and is holding her in one of his many secret installations there, with the intent of preventing the Alliance from attacking all of them because Zera could be in any one of them. Cryos requests that most of his Alliance allies protect his people while he finds his daughter. Graveheart and Tekla assure him they can fight the drones in the palace off while two ships, crewed by Jade and Cryos and by Femur and Pyrus, search the Beast Drone installations for Zera.
Cryos gave their ships the signal to Zera's homing locket, a short-range tracking device given to her by her late mother, so they could identify and destroy the installations that didn't have Zera and rescue her from the one that did. Femur tries to steer their ship out of danger, in spite of the mission, but danger catches up to them anyway. Pyrus shoots down a bunch of Beast Drones that attack them, but their ship is grounded in the process, forcing them to walk back to the palace in the cold.
Meanwhile, Cryos identified the installation where Zera was being held and narrowly escorted her out of it. Jade protected them during the rescue by firing at their Beast Drone assailants with a Sonic Cannon, then destroyed the installation with several time-delay explosives she'd planted all over it.
The installations have all been destroyed, and Graveheart and Tekla successfully fended off the palace's attackers, but there were some Ice Warrior casualties. Cryos felt like he betrayed his people by prioritizing his daughter's safety over theirs, so he abdicated the throne of Ice and left Commander Medstar in charge of the planet in his stead.

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