Blokk commander of the Beast Forces.
Vital statistics
Title Commander of the Beast Armada
Gender Male
Race Beast
First Appearance On the Rocks
Death Ascension
Voiced by Scott McNeil
Quote1 Finally! My revenge against these Alliance fools will be complete, hehehe. Now they will know the true power of Blokk! Quote2

Blokk is one of the series' main antagonists, voiced by Scott McNeil.


Blokk is one of the leaders of the Beast Armada, alongside Lamprey and Voyd. He is often at odds with Lamprey over their choice of tactics. She prefers precision strikes, subterfuge, and sowing discord amongst their enemies, while he prefers large, rash attacks. He spends most of the series leading armies of Beast Drones in raids of the other planets, trying to soften them up so they'll be easy prey for the Beast Planet. In the last few episodes, he killed Lord Mantel in a duel and was then himself killed in single combat with Graveheart, who he blamed for all his defeats throughout the series.


  1. On the Rocks
  2. Bad to the Bone
  3. Wolf in the Fold
  4. Blood is Thicker…
  5. Rock and Ruin
  6. Against all Odds
  7. Uneasy Hangs the Head (flashback)
  8. Ragnarok (Part 1)
  9. Ragnarok (Part 2)
  10. Blaze of Glory
  11. Sandstorm
  12. Timebomb
  13. Death of a King
  14. The Long Road Home
  15. Ascension

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