Captain Blaze
Captain Blaze
Captain Blaze
Vital statistics
Title Captain of the Guard
Gender Male
Race Fire
First Appearance This is the Way the World Ends…
Voiced by Michael Dobson
Quote1 Relax, Emperor. This is a chance to redeem yourself, to wipe out a lifetime of cowardice, in a single blaze of glory! Quote2

Blaze is one of the characters in series, voiced by Michael Dobson.


Blaze was one of the leaders of the Fire people as both the Captain of the Guard and personal friend of Prince Pyrus. Right before Planet Fire was consumed by the Beast Planet, he urged the Prince to escape the planet and would not leave his side until he did, but Pyrus insisted on remaining until all of his people had evacuated first. When they did, they converted his palace into an escape ship and relocated it to one of the Battle Moons.
In Blaze of Glory, Captain Blaze and his men faked a core meltdown in Battle Moon 5 so they could commandeer it in a reckless attempt to destroy the Beast.


  1. This is the Way the World Ends…
  2. Blaze of Glory

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