Bad to the Bone
Season 1, Episode 4
Femur's grand entrance
Emperor Femur's grand entrance.
Air date 7th October 1998
Written by Ken Pontac
Directed by Dwayne John Beaver, Phil Mitchell
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Born in Fire
Wolf in the Fold

The diminutive alliance heads to planet Bone in the hopes of encouraging the decadent Emperor Femur to pledge the support of his food-rich world.

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Graveheart and the Alliance leaders travel to Planet Bone, hoping to convince Emperor Femur to join the Alliance. But Lamprey and her Beast Drones have gotten there first, and have already convinced him to join in an Alliance with the Beast! After Cryos throws a pie in Femur's face, he and his comrades escape back to their ship.
Pyrus goes back to try to convince Femur to side with the Alliance over the Beast. While Femur is impressed with his bravery, Pyrus fails to sway him, and Femur lets Lamprey have her Beast Drones take him away. She builds a massive Forcefield Generator that destroys any of the Cluster worlds' ships that come into contact with it, while allowing Null Matter beings to pass freely, with the pretense of shielding Bone from its ancient enemies. But it also drains the planet's energy and turns any normal matter beings standing near it to dust!
Realizing he's been double-crossed, Femur escapes from Lamprey and has his Bone Warriors kill several of the Beast Drones who'd captured Pyrus. Femur then contacts the Alliance leaders and gives them Pyrus's location, where they take out the rest of the drones. After a final chat with Lamprey gives Femur a clever idea, he tells Graveheart to attack the Forcefield Generator. It's too heavily guarded by Blokk's Beast Drones for them to get near it, but Femur asks Graveheart to trust that he'll handle them. With no other choice, they proceed with his plan.
Femur creates a fleet of holographic Carapace fighters, which look quite similar to the Web Creatures from ReBoot except green, which trick Blokk into luring his Beast Drones away from the generator. Graveheart and his team take out the Forcefield Generator with their ship's offensive weapons, allowing the Alliance fleet to destroy the remaining Beast Drones on Bone. Femur then joins the Alliance.
Blokk can't help but remind Lamprey of her failure, and Voyd is also displeased with the outcome. But Lamprey remains undeterred, and claims that Tekla may yet be of use to them...

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